‘Star Toddler of the Year’

‘Category Winner’



3 ‘Judges Special Choice’ Awards

Each participant will receive a Photoshoot CD along with 1 framed photograph



  •        What my child can win?

    Title Winner:

    1. The winner of the contest wins the title “Star Toddler of the Year 2014”

    2. The winner of the title wins a prize of Rs. 75,000/-

    3. Will be featured as the “Star Face” of Dudes & Dolls

    4. Gets coverage in newspapers, facebook, Dudes & Dolls website etc.

    Category Winners:

    1. Win the title “Category Winner”

    2. A Prize of Rs. 25,000/- each.

    3. Get coverage in newspapers, facebook, Dudes & Dolls website etc.



  •        What are the steps to troubleshoot voting problems?

    1. You can only vote once per Facebook id under one category.For example Mr. X can only vote once in each category.

    2. For Mrs.& Mr. A to vote from same laptop you must try the following

    3. Try clearing the cache and cookies in the browser.

    4. Try a different web browser entirely .

    5. Temporarily disable any anti-virus, firewall, anti-tracking software, cookie blockers, pop-up blockers, or other such software on your computer.

    6. Try again on a completely different computer to ensure there is no OS issue

    7. Try a computer on a different network, i.e. bringing your laptop to a different business, home, or public WIFI hotspot.

    8. Make sure you are on a Desktop device, as many phones and tablets have issues uploading files or displaying HTML properly. This includes many versions of iOS and Android.

    9. Make sure you are authorizing the application when you enter (if you have not done so previously), because if you click Cancel on that app authorization dialog popup (when asked to allow access by the app to your Facebook accounts basic info), their entry will be cancelled.

  •        How will the winner be selected?

    Contest Specifics / Details


    1. There are 4 categories of different age groups

    2. The contest is for ‘A Star Toddler of the Year’ and it could be from any of the category.

    3. There are 4 runner ups 1 from each category.

    4. Apart from ‘Star Toddler of the Year and 4 runner ups there are 3 special “Judges Choice” awards as well.


    Stages of the Contest


    STAGE – 1

    1. All the registered contestant are called for ‘Photoshoot’ at Dudes & Dolls.

    2. Top 20 from each category selected for the next stage.

    3. The selection is solely on the basis of ‘photograph’ selected by a panel of judges.


    STAGE – 2

    1. The final top 20 from each category (total 80) are put on Facebook page of Dudes & Dolls for online voting by the public in general for selection of Category winners.

    2. The  finalists and overall winners will be chosen on the basis of ‘Online Voting’ and by a ‘Panel of Judges’. Both carry equal weightage.



    STAGE – 3

    1. Out of the 4 Category Winners one ‘Star Toddler of the Year-2014’ would be selected and rest of the 3 would be declared as category winners




  •        Terms & Conditions

    1. The contest is open to all.

    2. The contestants of the "Star Toddler of the Year 2013" may also participate, however the winner of the title, Category winners, Runner ups and the Winners of Judges Special Choice awards are not eligible for this contest.

    3. Cost of the registration form is not refundable.

    4. The contest is only for the children up to 42 months of age and the child must fall in the correct category.

    5. Entry is open to all except management, employees and immediate families of Dudes & Dolls employees and designated photographers, are not eligible to participate in the contest.

    6. Dudes & Dolls reserves the right to change the specifics of the contest as desired and as required.

    7. A child registered by the parents for a particular category, but found to be falling in other category later will be disqualified from the contest.

    8. Top 20 from each category will be selected solely on the basis of "Photographs" by a panel of Judges

    9. The finalists and overall winners will be chosen on the basis of 'Online Voting' and by a 'Panel of Judges'. Both carry equal weightage.

    10. The judges' decision in relation to any aspect of the competition is final and binding on each person who enters.

    11. If Dudes & Dolls is unable to contact the winners to claim the prize on the Grand Finale that winner will forfeit the prize and it shall be awarded to the first runner up. A new runner up shall then be judged.

    12. Dudes & Dolls reserves the right to request the winners to provide proof of identity and proof of age in order to claim the prize. In case a winner does not provide any suitable proof, the winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no substitute will be offered.

    13. The photos of participating toddlers can be used by Dudes & Dolls for any Newspaper coverage, face book, website or any other social networking sites without any financial / legal obligation. (This will be in force during the entire event and post event coverage thereafter).

    14. The selected participants from each category must be available for subsequent photo shoots if required.

    15. The contestant will be judged on the photographs taken by the professional photographer appointed by Dudes & Dolls only.

    16. A fix date and a time slot will be given to each contestant and the request for change of date & timings of the photo shoot will not be entertained.

    17. The Parent / Guardian of the participating child shall abide by all the terms & conditions of the contest.

    18. One child shall be eligible only for one prize.

    19. Copy right, Trade Mark any other intellectual property related to contest, participant, process, photographer shall be the sole property of Dudes & Dolls.

    20. It is understood that parents / guardian have read, understood and will abide by all the rules at all stages of the contest.



  •        Kindly Note

    1. Attach the Birth Certificate of the child along with the Registration Form.

    2. Dudes & Dolls shall not provide any costumes, accessories or make-up facilities for the Photo Shoot. This shall solely be the responsibility of the Parent / Guardian

    3. The information regarding the date & timings of the Photo Session will be through e-mailers or messages.

    4. The latest information about the events will be posted on the Facebook page of Dudes & Dolls on regular basis



Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Date: 28th Sep, 2014


Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Date: 28th Sep, 2014


182-P, Sec.-48, Near Badkhal Chowk, Faridabad | 8585977794, 8585990000 | Email: info@dudesndolls.com | www.facebook.com/dudesndolls


We are delighted by the response and the participations we have received. Looks like it’s going to be a grandeur event!


We met with the most amazing kids and their parents at the photoshoot. Needless to say, the little show stoppers just rocked ! Wonderful toddlers and their parents made the event sparkle.


The toddlers were at their best in the photo shoot.
Its your time now!
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Star Toddler of The Year - 2014

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